A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the Grand Mewdapest Hotel! We offer the greatest comfort for cats, any time of the year, even Christmas!

You are an employee at the Grand Mewdapest Hotel, and you must do your best to take care of all the cats! Taking care of this many cats at once can be a real strain, but you must stay sane until Christmas Eve*!

*Yes, this is the real Christmas /sweden

  • Move around the hotel with [WASD]
  • Purring cats crave your attention, pat them by clicking on them with [left mouse button] (you must be close to them) Patting purring cats will sooth your soul and give you some sanity back! Pat them enough and they might fall asleep!
  • If you don’t give cats what they want, they will grow annoyed and start scratching the floor, you must stop them quickly! Press [E] or [Space] to shout at them! But beware, you don’t want to disturb any sleeping cats!
  • Some cats seem interested in the grand Christmas tree. Better keep an eye on them…
  • Please don’t step on the cats, they are our guests.

Enjoy your stay at the Grand Mewdapest Hotel!



TheGrandMewdapestHotel.7z 6 MB